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streetscape street furniture - SUSTAINABILITY 

A signatory to the Urban Design Protocol, Streetscape Street Furniture is committed to supporting the vision you have to create unique integrated landscapes. Streetscape NZ works with clients from initial concept through to finished solution. We are not limited by the boundaries of a “one size fits all” solution, as we have an extensive range of street furniture products, applications and solutions that can be easily tailored to meet the objectives and requirements of our customer’s development or upgrade project.

The New Zealand Urban Design Protocol marks a significant milestone in our nation's approach to urban development. The Protocol is a key part of the Government's Sustainable Development Programme of Action and the Urban Affairs Portfolio.

As a signatory to the New Zealand Urban Design Protocol, Streetscape NZ has committed to “create quality urban design through their own actions. By setting an example for others to follow, they will make a real difference to the quality of our urban areas.”

Urban Design Protocol

Promotion of Environmental Sustainability

Timber Milling

In the Streetscape factory, we ensure that the timber we use is environmentally milled:  
    • Native timbers in environmentally sustainable way i.e. replenishment of native timber stock
    • Plantation grown timbers for non-native timbers.

Removal of Iso-Cyanate Chemicals

Streetscape Street Furniture is developing a paint solution that removes all iso-cyanate chemicals from the paint. To date, there is no certified system available, and we are working with Altex Coatings to develop a 10 year warranty on a paint system to be used for all councils.

Green Star Rating                        

NZ Green Building Council has a suite of rating tools, with the specific purpose to provide Environmental sustainability, funtionality and recylability

NZGBC was created to:

  • Establish a common language and standard of measurement for green buildings,
  • Promote integrated, whole building design,
  • Raise Awareness of green building benefits
  • Recognise environmental leadership, and
  • Reduce the enviroment impact of development.

Streetscape NZ has signed up to the NZGBC rating system and will certainly be utilising this  methodology in future projects.

Communities for Climate Protection

Streetscape NZ is monitoring the Local Governments for Sustainability programme, as part of the Communities for Climate Protection. Our primary goals in doing this are to understand the potential savings through energy, water and waste conservation measures and the results in achievable and quantifiable results for the environment.


 Please click here for more information on Streetscape's street furniture designs around New Zealand... 



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